About Eric: A Top Cyber Security Expert

About Eric

Dr. Cole is a renowned Thought Leader with over twenty years of experience in the Network Security consulting market space, with clients including leading International banks, Fortune 500 companies, and the CIA.

As a recognized industry expert, Dr. Cole has presented at a variety of security conferences including SANS, and in addition, has been interviewed by CBS News, 60 minutes and CNN.

Dr. Cole is a member of the Commission on Cyber Security for the 44th President, the HoneyNet project and the CVE Editorial board, and is a recognized author of several books, including Hackers Beware, Hiding in Plain Sight, Insider Threat and Network Security Bible First/Second Edition.

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Cyber Security


  • High-end consulting services to Fortune 500, Fortune 50, financial institutions, international organizations and to the federal government.
  • Acts as an expert witness for several government and commercial companies.
  • Serve as the expert witness for the FTC.
  • Frequently invited keynote speaker at a variety of conferences and security events around the world.


"Dr. Cole teaches cryptology like he invented it."

- Steve Stumpff, WSO (Sec401)

"The best instructor in cyber technology/security field. His examples and security expert experience fully complement the information and keep students actively engaged."

- Brie Kreutzfeldt, 92 IOS, USAF)

Dr. Eric Cole, Cyber Security Expert

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