Monthly Archives: April 2011

Security Experts, Are We Missing the Point?

Recently, between citizens and security experts, there has been a lot of talk about nuclear weapons, terrorism and peace treaties. At the end of the day, the question remains how do we protect a country and its citizens from attack? If that is really the purpose of the summits, the meetings and Washington, why...
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2011 Cyber Security Expert Emerging Trends

It is important to understand the new trends that are occurring amongst cyber security experts to make sure you properly protect your organization. The following are some key trends that you need to be aware of. 1) More focus on Data Correlation Before adding more devices to a network, perform data correlation across the existing devices first....
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Security Expert Advice: Choosing Strong Passwords

So far, 2011 has been a big year for cyber-attacks. American businesses and the United States government were the targets of hackers who stole credit card information, took down websites, and deleted military files. These attacks sent companies and government agencies scrambling to explain how their data was stolen, compromised, or lost. It also forced...
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