Tips for Small Businesses from a Cyber Security Expert

The Internet offers small businesses a competitive advantage in a tough market thanks to the exposure they receive online. However, while they can compete with larger businesses online in terms of marketing and visibility, their IT budgets and security efforts simply can't keep up. Cybercriminals realize that small businesses are easy targets because they are...
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Keep your Business Protected: Teach Your Employees Cyber Security Best Practices

Companies everywhere greatly rely on computer systems and software to effectively and efficiently manage day-to-day operations and store sensitive information. But is your business protected against cyber-attacks? Cyber-attacks are the biggest fear for businesses today. Not only is sensitive information stolen but these attacks can cost businesses billions of dollars. It’s vital to take the necessary steps...
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Characteristics of an Effective Cyber Security Keynote Speaker

It feels like it's nearly every day that we hear about yet another organization getting breached online. Cybercrime is a rising issue, and no company is immune from becoming a victim. An attack can result in a number of negative consequences, including damage to your reputation, loss...
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