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Dr. Cole has always loved to solve complex problems. As a cyber security consultant, tell him that a problem is impossible and he will not sleep until it is solved. His career is highlighted by creating and starting new areas, business units and companies to provide solutions people need. These qualities are what initially drew him into cyber security and have made him a cyber security expert, with almost 30 years of experience. As a cyber security consultant,he is always solving new and unique problems for clients. Every day is different and every consulting engagement is challenging.

If you have a problem and no one else can help,
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Where others see complexity and chaos, Dr. Cole creates innovative solutions to difficult problems. Cyber security has always been an exciting industry. More than ever, clients need unique solutions to their problems. While there are many people who work in security, Dr. Cole is sought after by many companies for his ability to create solutions that actually work. One size does not fit all and a cookie cutter approach to security does not scale in this current age of complexity. Dr. Cole is a cyber security consultant who knows what works and what doesn’t and can quickly narrow down the solution space to create a cost-effective security solution for his clients.

Many cyber security experts take the approach that if someone asks if they can do something, say no. If they ask a second time say no and if they ask a third time, then the security team will consider it. The problem with that approach today is that organizations move so quickly if a cyber security expert says no, they will still do it, they just won’t invite the expert. In order for cyber security to be a business support, you must engage early. The earlier on in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) security is engaged, the more effective it is from both a functionality and a cost perspective. Dr. Cole’s approach as a cyber security expert is if someone asks if they can do something, say yes but give them a creative solution that provides the requirements they are looking for in a secure manner.

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