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Gain more visibility for your cyber security products and increase customer engagement by utilizing the expertise of Dr. Cole, a proven industry leader who not only knows how to market and sell security solutions, but understands what customers need and want in the market.

Dr. Eric Cole, a globally recognized cyber security analyst, provides a revolutionary approach with his security analyst services tailored to your products.


Webcasts are a great way to engage people, get them excited and ultimately make them a customer. However, in order for webcasts to be successful, potential customers must sign up, join, and stay on for the duration of the webcast. With Dr. Cole’s brand and enthusiastic style of delivery, not only do prospective customers enroll but they are actively engaged. The feedback received from many of Dr. Cole’s customers is that his webcasts have attracted more attendees than any previous webcasts they have conducted, and his webcasts have also led to the highest conversion rate of new customers. Every customer who does an initial webcast with Dr. Cole follows up with subsequent webcasts.

  • 60 minute customized webcast
  • Dr. Cole promotion of webcast
  • Your logo displayed throughout website.


Put Dr. Cole’s expert knowledge to work for you. His cyber security analyst reports are a great way to give your customers third-party expertise on current changes and solutions in cyber security, plus help you to understand how your product can integrate into their environment. Dr. Cole has written several books and knows how to convey complex topics to customers in ways they can relate to with the current problems they are facing. Cyber security analyst reports focus on the technology of your product.


While analyst reports are very valuable at providing a comprehensive solution, customers are also looking for quick tips to help them implement effective solutions in specific areas. Customized blog posts help push unique features or hot topics to customers on a regular basis. Dr. Cole has an extensive following on social media, which gives his blogs broad coverage to all the right people. Dr. Cole will utilize his social media feed as well as Secure Anchor’s social media outlets to promote blog posts.


Many companies host live events for their current and future customers to help them stay informed on new product development and enhancements. While some industry pitches and presentations can cause customers to lose interest by being very sales-focused, Dr. Cole delivers a very engaging and dynamic presentation, capturing his audience’s attention and helping them position the company to sell their products. Dr. Cole’s presentations are not product focused; they are uniquely customized to highlight and emphasize the pain points of many customers, and are directly aligned with company solutions. See


While each unique offering has value, the way to get the highest return and fastest conversion rate is by having an integrated campaign that is focused on a specific topic and hits all areas of marketing. Tying together webcasts, blog posts, and analysis reports with topic or vertical specific social media promotion will help a company hit potential customers with a consistent message over a longer period of time. This focused attention provides a platform for better results and long-term sales for a company’s products.

“These speaking engagements should be mandatory for anyone responsible for IS Security/Auditing. The tools and identified threats will help those to gain the knowledge necessary to become experts for their company/agency.” – Michael Klatt, Raytheon

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